Achieve Leadership in Construction Building

Power Company for Chemicals and Plastics is an Egyptian company that aims tolead the market in painting, epoxy, and construction building. It is known for itsinnovative and diverse range of products.

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Marine Paints

These are special paints used for painting ships and maritime structures in order to protect them from harsh weather and marine conditions, as well as to give them a decorative appearance.

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Epoxy Products

It is used to protect concrete, cement, iron surfaces, and all types of floors. It is divided into primer paints and final paints.

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Insulation Specialized Products

These are special products for waterproofing surfaces, swimming pools, tanks, and buildings from rainwater, groundwater, seepage, and sewage water leakage.

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Car Paints

These are paints specifically for cars and various vehicles, and they are divided into: Putty, primer, and final paint in various types to give the car or vehicle an attractive color.

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Industrial Flooring Products

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